Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Wheee! We’re getting wintry weather! This doesn’t happen often, so it’s always something to get excited about. I still feel like a kid in school, plopped in front of the TV in the morning, holding my breath as I wait to see if my school is one that is going to be closed for the day. Granted, now it’s me calling my work’s weather hotline and finding out is a lot faster, but it’s still that same excitement at maybe getting a day off to play out in the cold. Haha.

The weather wasn’t bad enough this morning, so of course I had to come in. But it’s been fun sitting here, up on the 10th floor of my building; getting to look out my window and see the snow (and ice pellets) collect on nearby roofs and grass. The ground is still too warm for it to collect on the streets, but it’s so beautiful watching it all come down.

I’ve also snapped a couple of shots of the roof of the hotel next door. Keep in mind, I took them on my cell phone, so they’re not the best, but they’re better than nothing? The first one I took at 11:46am when the white stuff was just beginning to collect on the roofs:

And the second shot I took about 20 minutes ago, at 2:10pm. You can really see how much more has fallen in the last 2.5 hours. Hee!!!!!

Like I said, I feel like a kid waiting on school closures. It’s dropped down to 28 degrees now, and it’ll only get colder tonight. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it all freezes up over night and I get the day off work tomorrow. Heee!!! It’s been TOO. Damned. Long. since I’ve been able to play in snow or anything even closely resembling it.

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