That's the way I [don't] like it

Talk about a total beat down this morning. The past month or so, I have been listening to Tony and Cappy on the morning show over at Mix 102.9 instead of my iPod, like I had done previously. (Side note: When we moved to the new building last year, before I moved into my office, I was in the center of the building, surrounded by all kinds of electronic equipment, so I got almost no radio reception. Hence the purchase of the iPod to give me something to listen to during the day. Now that I’m in a window office, I get reception again.) So, like I said, I’ve been listening to them instead of my iPod – it gives me the chance to hear new songs I don’t have loaded, plus a shot of news, weather, and traffic; and the guys are usually pretty funny.

This morning, I was out of my office when they started a bit which involved Cappy having watched a movie (Starsky & Hutch) last night, recognized music from one of the songs but he had no idea who sang it. I walked in in the middle of them playing the song clip, and instantly knew it. I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of the band or song, but it’s one of those 70’s era tunes that is easy to recognize. I was even singing the hook of the song after the clip ended. I didn’t bother calling in or emailing the answer since I figured it was simple enough that it would be answered in no time flat.

Thirty minutes later, the bit was still going on. At that point, it was getting very old. I couldn’t believe that they were still trying to figure out the song, and that all of the listeners calling in had to be that dense, that they were still guessing incorrectly. So, I shot off an email to the DJs. A few minutes later, I got back an automated response, that read: “Thanks! We’ve got it now, but we’re going to have some fun with it and say we still don’t know what it is on the air. You’re in the know, so shhhh! Ha ha…”

Somehow, they didn’t realise they had already dragged out the bit too long, and they kept it going for ANOTHER 30 minutes!!! That’s right – an entire hour of them playing a 5-10 second clip of this damn song, pretending not to know it. And the listeners would call in and suggest a song, then they’d play a clip of both songs, and of course it would be wrong, since they were “playing dumb” for the bit.

Finally, an hour after starting the bit, their shift was almost over so they had to wrap it up. They take one last caller, and she has the “right” artist, and it “triggers” their memory and know it’s that artist, but a different song. The only problem with that? It was STILL wrong, but they were convinced it was right. That’s the point I almost started bashing my head into my keyboard out of aggravation.

They were claiming the song was “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer. The major problem with that – the song was not used in the Starsky & Hutch movie (and a quick check at IMDB proved that). The song is actually KC & The Sunshine Band’s “That’s The Way (I Like It)”. Maybe it’s just me… but I really don’t think those two songs sound alike at all.

So gee, so much for them having “figured it out”, huh? 😉 They had to stay over into the next DJ’s shift, so she could take a call correcting them on the song. From the sound of things, she’s still getting calls about it almost 2 hours later, since she keeps playing calls about that whole screwed up bit. The whole thing gave me a monster headache, having to hear that same clip over and over and over and over and over again. I have a hunch this is enough to drive me back to listening to the iPod (at least in the mornings) again for a while. Argh!