Lookin’ like a tramp, like a video vamp

Fact 6: I’ve been in several music videos.

Back in the 90’s, I was in a few music videos. The first, Diamond Rio’s “This Romeo Ain’t Got Julie Yet,” filmed on May 29, 1993 and our part was “concert footage” from a show they did at Six Flags Over Texas. That one technically doesn’t count, but I don’t care. 😉

Video number two is the video I can best be seen in. August 15, 1993, the band Little Texas was in town, filming the video for “God Blessed Texas.” There was an open casting call, so I picked up a friend and the two of us headed down to South Fork Ranch to take part. The scenes in front of South Fork, our assisgned spots were sitting on the fence next to the band. We were also placed in charge of the water cooler, so between takes, we were getting water for all the guys. I’ll include a few pictures from the video behind the cut.

Me & Tim Rushlow
Me & Brady Seals

The following pics are from my scenes of the video itself. In the first pic, I’ve got an arrow pointing to me. See those BRIGHT blue pants? That’s me. In the pic beside it.. I’m the brunette *directly* behind the guitarist’s (Porter) head. So, if you ever see the video, just keep your eyes open and look behind Porter whenever they’re in front of the South Fork Mansion. You’ll find me & my bright blue pants sitting on the fence.

Three years later, on May 31, 1996, I spent roughly 6 hours of the day at Billy Bob’s Texas filming another video. This time the artist was Bryan White, and the song was “So Much For Pretending.” All of the up-close indoors footage in that video was shot that day. You can semi-see me in a few places, mostly though it’s just my hand or hair that you see. While I might be seen better in the “God Blessed Texas” video, “So Much For Pretending” was my favorite shoot. We had so much fun joking around with everyone between takes, and I came away from that with a lot of new friends; both fans and members of Bryan’s band.

The last video was Colin Raye’s “I Can Still Feel You”. That video was shot May 11, 1998 in Nashville, Tn. My friend and I were sitting at a bar, watching a band play, while Colin walks through the establishment trying to find his lost love. It’s been so long since I’ve seen the video, I don’t recall if you can really see us or not. We found out later that if we hadn’t taken our time getting back to Dallas, we could’ve been in yet another video. Brad Hawkins filmed the video for “I’m The One” here in town, and the shoot was open to all the local fan club members. Oh well, I’m lucky enough that I was in the ones I was. 🙂

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