Baby you can drive my car

I like to jump on bandwagons. Sometimes they can turn into fun parties, sometimes they go awry. We’ll see how this one goes. The point of this meme is to tell a fact a day about yourself for 100 days, hence the title of the meme: 100 Facts in 100 Days. 😉 I have a hunch it’ll take me longer than that, though – I’m sure I’ll miss a day here and there. I also don’t know if I’ll be able to do the full 100 facts since I can’t decide if there’s 100 facts about me worth putting in a blog. I guess we’ll see as time goes, huh?

Fact 1: I’ve always had a wonderful sense of direction.

I was all of 3 years (and 2.5 months) old when my younger brother was born. At that point in time, we had only lived in the Dallas area for almost 4 months. So, I’m just a very young tyke in a great big massive city that I haven’t really spent any time in, so technically I shouldn’t know my away around. My grandmother came in from Louisiana to stay with me when my brother was born, since my dad was at the hospital with my mom a lot. She wanted to go see my little brother, but she had never been to the hospital – so it was me to the rescue! Little 3 year old me rode shotgun in grandma’s car, telling her when to turn, etc to get her to the hospital. I guess I had memorized up the route from trips there with my mom towards the end of her pregnancy. I’m still able to pick up directions fairly easily like that. I might need printed directions the first time I go some place, but after that I can usually drive it from memory even if it’s a few years between trips to whatever location.

2 thoughts on “Baby you can drive my car”

  1. I’ve always had a weird sense of direction. I can get from point a to point b okay, but I couldn’t give you directions with street names – even in the Patch where I grew up haha.

  2. I’m not that great at giving directions, either. And I usually don’t rely on street names, just place markers to tell me where I am. Hee.

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