Baby write this down, take a little note

My email has gone nuts. My host has been having some massive issues for the last two weeks. (First time they have since I’ve had service with them.) Currently, I can send emails from my webmail account – but I can’t receive them. Kind of. The webmail portal itself doesn’t update to show any new or received mail. But if I have that email address also forward to a different account not hosted with them (say, my old hotmail account), the emails show up there. So I don’t show receiving any mail in webmail, but I actually do get it at hotmail. At least I know the auto-forwarder is working? I logged a ticket with them last night. Getting tired of waiting – I want my normal email back! It’s REALLY starting to piss me off. Not too long ago I was bragging about how good my service is via that host — and now boom. Absolute crap.

And on a completely random note – I actually dislike the song that gave me the title of this post. It’s from “Write This Down” by George Strait. Why do I dislike it? Check out the lyrics for the song. He’s upset that he’s losing his girlfriend/wife/whatever; yet he treats her like a damn secretary. If he wants her to have in writing how much he loves her — wouldn’t it mean more if HE wrote it down, instead of dictating for her to do it herself? If he’s that lazy that he can’t write down a few words, he’s probably pretty lazy in every aspect. No wonder she’s leaving him, he probably expects her to do everything. That’s one of those songs I’m just never going to understand the appeal of, I’m sure.

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