Reverse and rewind, erase and revise

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to go back over my old posts in this blog. I want to see what I was up to when I originally stopped posting, and figure out what blanks I need to “fill in” between then and now, via a post. I’m working on that in spurts today, also trying to make sure my posts are more properly categorized, and just… neaten up the blog, overall. I’m hoping I can get it pretty much accomplished today. I fully acknowledge that it’s yet another way for me to procrastinate writing something more than just a rambling ‘nothing’ post like this… but I think/hope it will also give me a better jumping-off point to have something to write. Of course, with this being the end of the school year, it also means I’ll be a bit busier than normal at work, but I still have the desire to make time to write in the midst of all the chaos.

Last Friday, I lost a crown from one of my back molars, and I somehow managed to swallow it without realising it. Oops! Thankfully it was pain-free (aside from a deep ache in the jaw, but that was more mild discomfort than pain), so it didn’t matter that I had to wait the long holiday weekend before being able to call for a dental appointment. Managed to get in yesterday, and they were able to get me hooked up with a temporary crown and I go back in a few weeks for the permanent one. My pocketbook really wishes I hadn’t swallowed the old one – it would’ve been a LOT cheaper if they could’ve re-seated the old crown, as opposed to having to make a new one.

Ah well. Time to get back to reviewing old posts, before I procrastinate my way out of that again.

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