Just a quick one…

Finally got more info. My last day here will be February 8th. That works out nicely — I’ll have work for the next 2 months, then one week after I’m laid off is time for my vacation to LA. That week before going out of town, I can file for unemployment, so I’ll have some kind of income while I look for a new job and try to go through vocational rehab. And, since the layoff date is so close to the vacation date, I don’t have to worry about trying to get time off at a new job. I should get a severance package including having 3 weeks of vacation time paid out, so I’ll be fine on money for the vacation. (Plus, I’ll be getting my tax refund shortly thereafter. Whee!)

Still a little grumpy at the idea of having to find a new job, but I’m glad that I finally know when it happens. And I”m glad that it worked out perfectly that I don’t have to cancel my vacation. 😀

ETA @ 11am – I am starting to get incredibly pissy. I’m finding out that because we were notified prior to 60 days that we were being laid off .. we likely will not get any kind of severance package. And, because there is no written policy in place (that I’m aware of) they very likely can get away with not paying out our vacation time, either. Since the layoffs at the beginning of the year, lots of people jumped ship. But I was a loyal employee, staying with the company, having faith it could be turned around. And I get screwed because of that. Gee. Thanks a lot.

ETA again @ 4:15pm – Apparently enough people have been asking questions about whether or not we will get severance packages, that they are supposed to be sending a mass email about them (and hopefully vacation time payout) either later today or some time tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me, please!!!

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