I never seem to do it like anybody else

Today I feel this strange need to finish my “about me” section of the blog (well, attempt to finish) and create lists of everywhere else I can be found, (in case anyone wants to stalk me?) as well as about a zillion other wild and random ideas. The likelihood that any of that will get accomplished? Nil. Zilch. Nada. None.

The open MRI last week went well. The room I was in was all decorated like it was under the sea. Hah. At least it gave me something fun to stare at while I was immobile for about an hour & half. I get the results from the MRI today. I have a hunch the results are going to be good. I’m actually mostly able to walk today, no more constant intense searing pain. I know I messed it up pretty good though, and that’s one reason it’s taken so long to heal.

The heart ultrasound on Friday also went okay. I do have one valve that is a little “leaky”, but it’s minor and the doc wasn’t worried about it. Other than that, my heart looks healthy and structurely sound. But, when they did another EKG, I had 4 extra beats in the six seconds they monitor. So, obviously too many beats there, and that was with me on more meds than before. He wants me to up them again, and go back next week for another check on the EKG. I’m also working on cutting caffeine out again. I had my last soda on Saturday, and none since. I know I can do it, since I’ve done it several times in the past; it’s just difficult to actually stay away from caffeinated sodas. I think I went for a year or two once, we’ll see how long I last this time around.

I had a lot more I wanted to ramble about, but now that I have a few minutes, my mind is blank. Figures.

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  1. You know… you mentioned migraines earlier? If you’ve stopped with the caffeine… I bet that’s certainly not helping those. That’s some pretty heavy withdrawl right there.

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