Snap back, retract, collapse into laugh tracks

The annoyance and pain of the strange sensations sent me to the clinic after work. (And may I just say that I LOVE Care Now, and how you can register online and they call you when they’re almost ready for you?) I figured it was more than likely nothing, but because it feels odd, I should be safe and get it checked.

So, yes, went to the clinic, and they did X-Rays. Not only did they X-Ray the leg, they also X-Rayed my left wrist. When I fell, I hit it on the palm pretty hard, but I’ve been having pains on the back side of the hand since then. So they figured they might as well do the wrist too, since they were doing the leg. Ha.

Everything came out ok. No broken bones, yay! Granted, I didn’t think there were, but since it felt so weird I wanted to be safe. The doctor said that these really weird feelings in the leg might be due to stretched nerves. The swelling was considerable the first day, and that could’ve stretched them out. It’s still swollen now, so the nerves are still going a little crazy. As the swelling goes down, the screwy sensations should go away.

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