Have-to's and need-to's and get-to's by three

I so did not want to come back to work today after that wonderful vacation. I knew that the ECWFH wouldn’t have done a lot of work while I was on vacation, leaving a mountain of it for me to come back to, and I was right. It’s actually worse than I thought it would be, sadly.

At least it just proves to me that I am better at this job than she is, and that I can handle doing everything better. Granted, I did fall victim to stress the last week I was alone and almost had a nervous break down — but that was more thanks to people in other departments, and not anyone in my dept, and not the work itself.

I’ll write more later about the vacation, since I don’t have the time now. I’m not going to bust my ass doing all the work to get caught up, but I do have to help some. Sigh. Can I go home now?

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