I can see the writing on the wall

I knew it was coming. There’s been all the signs, since last week.

It’s still a shock though. Complete and total shock.

We’re laying off people today. Rumor is: 40-50% of the employees in the building. My boss and coworker were 2 of the ones laid off. My “unofficial 2nd boss” is now my official boss. There used to be 3 workers in my area, now it’s just 2 – and the one that’s not me is currently on a 5 week vacation.

Sigh. I don’t like this. I don’t know how I managed to make it through another layoff, but I’m very very grateful I still have my job.

3 thoughts on “I can see the writing on the wall”

  1. *nod* Yes. Still scary. Still nervous, even though I was told I’m “safe” and they “don’t expect any more” layoffs. Pfft. Anymore today maybe.

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