Tell me what's wrong with society?

If you request that a check is held for you to pick it up … then by all means, PICK THE DAMN THING UP! Don’t leave it sitting up here for 2 weeks! I email you when it’s ready, then give you a week’s grace period to pick it up. After 1 week, I email you DAILY to remind you it’s here. If you’re getting multiple emails, requesting that you pick up the check, and you have no intention of coming to get it? Then PLEASE have the courtesy to respond to the email and ask that I send it out, or interoffice it to you. If you ignore it, I’m only going to keep emailing. And while we’re speaking of “courtesy” … if YOU call me? Wait until you’re done eating before dialing. Also? Don’t sit there on the phone, cramming MORE food into your mouth WHILE you’re talking (especially if it’s obvious you still haven’t swallowed the first bit of food yet). That is just beyond disgusting.

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