Blow off Auntie Em

Throw-away entry # 52468348: My name is not Kevin. I am not a guy. I will never ever be either of these things.

I do not understand WHY people have such a hard time spelling my name when it’s already written out for them. I sent someone an email asking for further info this morning. My name is part of my email address, it’s also the display name associated with the address, AND it is written in the signature in my email. THREE PLACES where my name is CLEARLY spelled out. And yet the lady STILL responded to the email and said “Hi Kevin” in her greeting. She even quoted my email, so she had all THREE correct spellings of my name RIGHT THERE in front of her. Sigh.

Yes, I know my name is unusual, and people will get it wrong sometimes. Especially pronounciation. But is it really too much to expect people to get the spelling right, when it’s right there in front of them, they only have to copy it? Granted, I’m grumpier than all get out today anyway (which will probably come later in a locked entry), but it would still bug and baffle me if I wasn’t grumpy. I can copy names when they’re written out in front of me, why can’t other people do the same with mine?

2 thoughts on “Blow off Auntie Em”

  1. Haha, yes.

    At first, in the e-notification I got, I didn’t see who left the comment and I was all “…why is someone calling me an idiot..?” hahah.

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