My Pets

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All pictures with Santa were taken Christmas, 2000.

This is the "elder" of our pet clan, Windy, a domestic medium hair. We adopted her from Operation Kindness (a local no-kill shelter) back in February of 1993. She's a shy cat when it comes to strangers, and only likes to cuddle on her terms.

This one was on July 5, 2004. It's hard to get a nice picture of Windy.

Gypsy is the Queen of the household. She is also a Operation Kindness kitty. We adopted her on May 2, 1999, and her birthday is February 12, 1999. Gypsy is a natural mink Tonkinese mix, and has darkened considerable since we first got her. Gypsy is also an incredibly jealous kitty -- when it comes to sharing me with my computer. Heehee! She thinks anytime I'm online is time I should be using to fuss over her.

Gypsy at 3 months oldJuly 22, 2000

December, 2001:

June 25, 2002:

March 7, 2004:

Mav & Gypsy

March 21, 2004:

July 5, 2004: She didn't really want her picture taken today, as you can see by the pure attitude she's giving the camera. lol

This is the new kitten, Mali, we just adopted. (2000) She's a seal tortie point Siamese mix ... aren't the marbled markings the cutest? Since the other two cats are so wonderful, of course we went back to Operation Kindness. We were told that she had been found in a flower bed. (Mali means "jasmine flower" in Thai, so we thought it fitting as Thailand used to be Siam, and she was found in a flower bed. *G*) She's only 13 weeks in these pics... we're guestimating her birthday to be around April 1, 2000.

December, 2001:

January 2002:

June 25, 2002:

March, 2004:

Mali & Gypsy December, 2001:


Dewey was my beloved tortiseshell kitty. She showed up on our doorstep in the summer of 1991, and slowly moved herself indoors after we failed to find her owners. I was by far her favorite human, and she'd follow me around the house, and be waiting at the front door to give me "kisses" when I returned home from work. In mid-May of 1999, Dewey was diagnosed with severe renal failure; and even with the most aggresive treatments, her prognosis was not favorable. After a heart-wrenching week of decisions, Dewey was put to sleep on May 28, 1999 -- I still miss her with all my heart.